SymbolCompanyYield PercentageNext Ex-div Date
AW.UNA&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund5.278%2023-03-14
FAPAberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment Company Li8.171%2023-03-23
AP.UNAllied Properties Real Estate Inv Trust7.417%2023-03-30
HOT.UNAmerican Hotel Income Properties REIT LP10.24%2023-03-30
ARISAris Mining Corporation4.348%2022-08-30
AX.UNArtis Real Estate Investment Trust Units7.916%2023-03-30
AIAtrium Mortgage Investment Corporation7.506%2023-03-30
AFCC.HAutomotive Finco Corp.15.088%2023-01-30
APR.UNAutomotive Properties Real Estate Investment 6.825%2023-03-30
ZAGBMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF3.499%2023-03-29
ZDVBMO Canadian Dividend ETF4.03%2023-03-29
ZWCBMO Canadian High Dividend Covered Call ETF7.151%2023-03-29
ZWBBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF Units7.606%2023-03-29
ZWABMO Covered Call Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedg6.552%2023-03-29
ZWTBMO Covered Call Technology ETF5.328%2023-03-29
ZWKBMO Covered Call US Banks ETF CAD Units11.099%2023-03-29
ZWUBMO Covered Call Utilities ETF8.511%2023-03-29
ZDBBMO Discount Bond Index ETF2.459%2023-03-29
ZEFBMO Emerging Markets Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF4.742%2023-03-29
ZEBBMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETF4.138%2023-03-29
ZREBMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF4.645%2023-03-29
ZUTBMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF CAD units3.676%2023-03-29
ZWPBMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call ETF6.896%2023-03-29
ZWEBMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CA6.394%2023-03-29
ZWGBMO Global High Dividend Covered Call ETF CAD Unit7.359%2023-03-29
ZHYBMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Ind6.698%2023-03-29
ZJKBMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Index ETF6.316%2023-03-29
ZDIBMO International Dividend ETF4.038%2023-03-29
ZDHBMO International Dividend Hedged to CAD ETF3.792%2023-03-29
ZPRBMO Laddered Preferred Share Index ETF6.047%2023-03-29
ZLCBMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF5.207%2023-03-29
ZFLBMO Long Federal Bond Index ETF3.563%2023-03-29
ZCMBMO Mid Corporate Bond Index ETF3.777%2023-03-29
ZFMBMO Mid Federal Bond Index ETF2.289%2023-03-29
ZMPBMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETF2.972%2023-03-29
ZMMKBMO Money Market Fund2.964%2023-03-29
ZMIBMO Monthly Income ETF4.3%2023-03-29
ZPAYBMO Premium Yield ETF6.602%2023-03-29
ZPAY.FBMO Premium Yield ETF7.012%2023-03-29
ZRRBMO Real Return Bond Index ETF6.494%2023-03-29
ZCSBMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF3.217%2023-03-29
ZDYBMO US Dividend ETF2.675%2023-03-29
ZWHBMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF6.103%2023-03-29
ZWSBMO US High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD ET6.41%2023-03-29
ZHPBMO US Preferred Share Hedged to CAD Index ETF7.256%2023-03-29
ZUPBMO US Preferred Share Index ETF6.551%2023-03-29
ZPWBMO US Put Write ETF7.713%2023-03-29
ZPHBMO US Put Write Hedged to CAD ETF8.392%2023-03-29
HOM.UBSR Real Estate Investment Trust3.963%2023-03-30
BTB.UNBTB Real Estate Investment Trust8.427%2023-03-30
PRMBig Pharma Split Corp. Class A Shares8.688%2023-03-30
BDTBird Construction4.685%2023-03-30
BEI.UNBoardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust2.158%2023-03-30
BPF.UNBoston Pizza Royalties Income Fund8.155%2023-03-20
BREBridgemarq Real Estate Services9.507%2023-03-30
BMAXBrompton Enhanced Multi-Asset Income ETF9.901%2023-03-30
EDGFBrompton European Dividend Growth ETF5.657%2023-03-30
BEPRBrompton Flaherty & Crumrine Enhanced Investment G10.072%2023-03-30
BDIVBrompton Global Dividend Growth ETF7.355%2023-03-30
HIGBrompton Global Healthcare Income & Growth ETF7.725%2023-03-30
LCSBrompton Lifeco Split Corp17.613%2023-03-30
SBCBrompton Split Banc Corp.10.919%2023-03-30
TLFBrompton Tech Leaders Income ETF6.39%2023-03-30
FSBCI Enhanced Short Duration Bond Fund2.559%2023-03-24
RITCI First Asset Canadian REIT ETF5.009%2023-03-24
CSAVCI High Interest Savings ETF2.961%2023-03-27
CCEICIBC Canadian Equity Index ETF10.216%2023-03-30
CRT.UNCT Real Estate Investment Trust5.57%2023-03-30
CAR.UNCanadian Apartment Properties REIT3.086%2023-03-30
BKCanadian Banc Corp15.334%2023-03-30
NET.UNCanadian Net Real Estate Investment Trus6.161%2023-04-13
EIT.UNCanoe EIT Income Fund9.562%2023-03-21
CJCardinal Energy Ltd.9.89%2023-03-30
CSH.UNChartwell Retirement Residences7.2%2023-03-30
CHE.UNChemtrade Logistics Income Fund7.576%2023-03-30
CHWChesswood Group Limited6.543%2023-03-30
CHP.UNChoice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust5.189%2023-03-30
CRR.UNCrombie Real Estate Investment Trust6.051%2023-03-30
DEDecisive Dividend Corporation6.158%2023-03-30
DIVDiversified Royalty8.191%2023-03-14
DFNDividend 15 Split16.238%2023-03-30
DF.PR.ADividend 15 Split Corp. II Preferred Shares6.085%2023-03-30
DFN.PR.ADividend 15 Split Corp. Preferred Shares5.92%2023-03-30
DSDividend Select 15 Corp10.174%2023-03-30
MPCT.UNDream Impact Trust13.558%2023-03-30
DIR.UNDream Industrial REIT4.905%2023-03-30
D.UNDream Office REIT7.082%2023-03-30
DNGDynacor Gold Mines Inc.3.987%2023-04-10
DXCDynamic Active Canadian Dividend ETF2.089%2023-03-27
DXVDynamic Active Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF5.125%2023-03-27
ENSE Split Corp10.324%2023-03-30
ENI.UNEnergy Income Fund7.453%2023-03-30
ERE.UNEuropean Residential Real Estate Investm5.433%2023-03-30
BANKEvolve Canadian Banks and Lifecos Enhanced Yield I11.336%2023-03-30
DATAEvolve Cloud Computing Index Fund0.745%2023-03-30
CYBR.BEvolve Cyber Security Index Fund0.304%2023-03-30
CYBREvolve Cyber Security Index Fund0.351%2023-03-30
EBNKEvolve European Banks Enhanced Yield ETF8.145%2023-03-30
LEADEvolve Future Leadership Fund8.514%2023-03-30
LIFEEvolve Global Healthcare Enhanced Yield Fund8.771%2023-03-30
BASEEvolve Global Materials & Mining Enhanced Yield8.876%2023-03-30
BASE.BEvolve Global Materials & Mining Enhanced Yield8.74%2023-03-30
ETSXEvolve S&P/TSX 60 Enhanced Yield Fund9.717%2023-03-30
CALLEvolve US Banks Enhanced Yield Fund13.274%2023-03-30
EIFExchange Income Corporation4.79%2023-03-30
FTNFinancial 15 Split Corp.16.325%2023-03-30
FTN.PR.AFinancial 15 Split Preferred Shares7.692%2023-03-30
FCFirm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation8.509%2023-03-30
FCD.UNFirm Capital Property Trust9.213%2023-03-30
FCR.UNFirst Capital REIT5.669%2023-03-30
FNFirst National Financial6.388%2023-03-30
FRUFreehold Royalties7.357%2023-03-30
GXEGear Energy Ltd.12%2023-03-14
GDVGlobal Dividend Growth Split Corp. Class A Shares11.696%2023-03-30
GRT.UNGranite Real Estate Investment Trust3.949%2023-03-30
GDPYGuardian Directed Premium Yield ETF7.295%2023-03-24
HR.UNH&R Real Estate Inv Trust4.894%2023-03-30
HCAHamilton Canadian Bank Mean Reversion Index ETF5.478%2023-03-30
HMAXHamilton Canadian Financials Yield Maximizer ETF14.939%2023-03-30
HCALHamilton Enhanced Canadian Bank ETF7.571%2023-03-30
HFINHamilton Enhanced Canadian Financials ETF6.918%2023-03-30
HDIVHamilton Enhanced Multi-Sector Covered Call ETF9.82%2023-03-30
HYLDHamilton Enhanced U.S. Covered Call ETF13.953%2023-03-30
HYLD.UHamilton Enhanced U.S. Covered Call ETF13.77%2023-03-30
HUTSHamilton Enhanced Utilities ETF6.767%2023-03-30
HBFHarvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF7.627%2023-03-30
HLFEHarvest Canadian Equity Enhanced Income Leaders ET9.487%2023-03-30
HLIFHarvest Canadian Equity Income Leaders ETF7.782%2023-03-30
HDIFHarvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF10.782%2023-03-30
HPFHarvest Energy Leaders Plus Income ETF7.931%2023-03-30
HUTEHarvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Enhanced Inc9.508%2023-03-30
HUTLHarvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Income ETF7.896%2023-03-30
HGRHarvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF8.696%2023-03-30
HHLEHarvest Healthcare Leaders Enhanced Income ETF10.912%2023-03-30
HHL.BHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF8.173%2023-03-30
HHL.UHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF8.439%2023-03-30
HHLHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF Class A Unit8.822%2023-03-30
HTAEHarvest Tech Achievers Enhanced Income ETF10.829%2023-03-30
HTAHarvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF8.791%2023-03-30
HUBLHarvest US Bank Leaders Income ETF9.154%2023-03-30
HWOHigh Arctic Energy Services4.317%2023-03-30
HADHorizons Active Cdn Bond ETF3.266%2023-03-30
HPRHorizons Active Preferred Share ETF Class E Units5.829%2023-03-30
HFRHorizons Active Ultra-Short Term Investment Grade 4.367%2023-03-30
ENCCHorizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF14.104%2023-03-30
CNCCHorizons Enhanced Income Equity ETF9.603%2023-03-30
BKCCHorizons Enhanced Income Financials ETF8.143%2023-03-30
GLCCHorizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETF9.607%2023-03-30
QQCCHorizons Enhanced Income International Equity ETF12.748%2023-03-30
USCCHorizons Enhanced Income US Equity (USD) ETF8.169%2023-03-30
HGYHorizons Gold Yield ETF Class E units6.067%2023-03-30
CASHHorizons High Interest Savings ETF3.332%2023-03-31
IPOInPlay Oil Corp.6.792%2023-03-14
INC.UNIncome Financial Trust10.305%2023-03-30
INO.UNInovalis REIT10.659%2023-03-30
IIP.UNInterrent Real Estate Investment Trust2.738%2023-03-30
PDCInvesco Canadian Dividend Index ETF4.38%2023-03-29
KBLKbro Linen4.42%2023-03-30
KEG.UNKeg Royalties Income Fund7.231%2023-03-20
KMP.UNKillam Apartment REIT4.154%2023-03-30
LBSLife & Banc Split Corp Class A Shares13.761%2023-03-30
MFTMackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF6.885%2023-04-03
MUBMackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETF4.771%2023-04-03
MR.UNMelcor Real Estate Investment Trust8.972%2023-03-30
MHCDMiddlefield Healthcare & Life Sciences ETF5.545%2023-03-30
MRELMiddlefield REIT INDEXPLUS ETF7.432%2023-03-30
MDIVMiddlefield Sustainable Global Dividend ETF5.538%2023-03-30
MI.UNMinto Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust3.344%2023-03-30
MRG.UNMorguard North American REIT4.164%2023-03-30
MRT.UNMorguard REIT4.332%2023-03-30
MTLMullen Group4.959%2023-03-30
CBNKMulvihill Canadian Bank Enhanced Yield ETF9.576%2023-03-30
NXR.UNNexus Real Estate Investment Trust6.694%2023-03-30
NPINorthland Power3.584%2023-03-30
NHF.UNNorthview Fund11.037%2023-03-30
NWH.UNNorthwest Healthcare Prop Reit9.292%2023-03-30
OLYOlympia Financial Group Inc.6.316%2023-03-21
PGI.UNPIMCO Global Income Opportunities Fund9.101%2023-03-30
PRV.UNPRO Real Estate Investment Trust7.719%2023-03-30
POUParamount Resources5.064%2023-03-14
PEYPeyto Exploration and Development10.767%2023-03-30
PNEPine Cliff Energy Ltd.10.153%2023-03-14
PZAPizza Pizza6.369%2023-03-30
PLZ.UNPlaza Retail REIT6.666%2023-03-30
MMP.UNPrecious Metals And Mining Trust5.797%2023-03-30
PMZ.UNPrimaris Real Estate Investment Trust6.19%2023-03-30
BTCY.BPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETF11.107%2023-03-29
BTCYPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETF11.671%2023-03-29
PDFPurpose Core Dividend Fund3.89%2023-03-28
PDIVPurpose Enhanced Dividend Fund7.463%2023-03-28
PAYFPurpose Enhanced Premium Yield Fund8.116%2023-03-28
ETHYPurpose Ether Yield ETF12.828%2023-03-29
ETHY.UPurpose Ether Yield ETF16.712%2023-03-29
ETHY.BPurpose Ether Yield ETF11.907%2023-03-29
PSAPurpose High Interest Savings ETF Units4.637%2023-03-30
PIDPurpose International Dividend Fund4.664%2023-03-28
PINPurpose Monthly Income Fund5.825%2023-03-28
PYF.UPurpose Premium Yield Fund6.348%2023-03-28
RLBRBC 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Bond ETF2.586%2023-03-23
RBNKRBC Canadian Bank Yield Index ETF4.355%2023-03-23
RCDCRBC Canadian Dividend Covered Call ETF7.161%2023-03-23
RSReal Estate & E-Comm Split Corp10.692%2023-03-30
RPI.UNRichards Packaging Income Fund3.303%2023-03-30
REI.UNRioCan Real Estate Investment Trust5.062%2023-03-30
SISSavaria Corporation3.301%2023-03-30
PMESentry Select Primary Metals Corp. Class A Shares6.95%2023-03-30
SJR.BShaw Communications3.044%2023-03-14
SIASienna Senior Living8.756%2023-03-30
SRV.UNSir Royalty Income Fund6.651%2023-03-23
SGR.UNSlate Grocery REIT8.755%2023-03-30
SOT.UNSlate Office REIT11.583%2023-03-30
SRU.UNSmartCentres REIT7.053%2023-03-30
SPBSuperior Plus6.557%2023-03-30
SGYSurge Energy5.498%2023-03-30
PWISustainable Power & Infrastructure Split Corp.11.066%2023-03-30
TGEDTD Active Global Enhanced Dividend ETF4.462%2023-03-29
TGRETD Active Global Real Estate Equity ETF5.11%2023-03-29
TUEDTD Active U.S. Enhanced Dividend ETF3.313%2023-03-29
TUHYTD Active U.S. High Yield Bond ETF5.462%2023-03-29
TQCDTD Q Canadian Dividend ETF3.932%2023-03-29
TVETamarack Valley Energy Ltd.3.759%2023-03-30
TFTimbercreek Financial Corp.8.625%2023-03-30
RNWTransAlta Renewables7.717%2023-04-13
TNT.UNTrue North Apartment Reit8.486%2023-03-30
VABVanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF Redeema2.823%2023-03-31
VCBVanguard Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF Redeema3.236%2023-03-31
VGVVanguard Canadian Government Bond Index ETF2.635%2023-03-31
VLBVanguard Canadian Long-Term Bond Index ETF3.566%2023-03-31
VSBVanguard Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF Redeem2.33%2023-03-31
VSCVanguard Canadian Short-Term Corporate Bond Index 2.923%2023-03-31
VREVanguard FTSE Canadian Capped REIT Index ETF rede4.33%2023-03-31
VDYVanguard FTSE Canadian High Dividend Yield Index 4.549%2023-03-31
VRIFVanguard Retirement Income ETF Portfolio4.57%2023-03-31
WCPWhitecap Resources5.51%2023-03-30
XCBiShares Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF3.559%2023-03-22
FIEiShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF7.24%2023-03-22
XHBiShares Canadian Hybrid Corporate Bond Index ETF4.23%2023-03-22
XDViShares Canadian Select Dividend Index ETF4.004%2023-03-22
XLBiShares Core Canadian Long Term Bond Index ETF3.853%2023-03-22
XSBiShares Core Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF2.351%2023-03-22
XSHiShares Core Canadian Short Term Corporate Bond3.024%2023-03-22
XBBiShares Core Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF2.887%2023-03-22
XDIViShares Core MSCI Canadian Quality Dividend Index 3.75%2023-03-22
XDGiShares Core MSCI Global Quality Dividend Index ET3.163%2023-03-22
XDUiShares Core MSCI US Quality Dividend Index ETF2.276%2023-03-22
XTRiShares Diversified Monthly Income ETF4.642%2023-03-22
CEWiShares Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco ETF3.682%2023-03-22
CYHiShares Global Monthly Dividend Index ETF4.987%2023-03-22
XQBiShares High Quality Canadian Bond Index ETF2.77%2023-03-22
CMRiShares Premium Money Market ETF Common Class2.332%2023-03-23
CDZiShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Ind3.652%2023-03-22
CPDiShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index5.59%2023-03-22
XFNiShares S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index ETF3.203%2023-03-22
XREiShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF4.438%2023-03-22
XUTiShares S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index ETF3.343%2023-03-22
XEIiShares S&P/TSX Composite High Dividend Index ETF4.554%2023-03-22
XPFiShares S&P/TSX North American Preferred Stock5.457%2023-03-22
XHDiShares U.S. High Dividend Equity Index ETF3.207%2023-02-22
XHUiShares U.S. High Dividend Equity Index ETF3.337%2023-03-22
CUDiShares US Dividend Growers Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)1.866%2023-03-22

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